NVIDIA GeForce Experience

NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.20

Keep your GeForce drivers up to date and enhance your video gaming experience

NVIDIA graphics cards have always been the best at what they do. But time passes, and updates for their drivers are required, more and more applications demand new and complex processes the graphics cards need to service. It's not always easy to track the latest update released by NVIDIA, and it can be even harder to actually install the update when you find it. That is why GeForce Experience was created.

GeForce Experience is a simple client for tracking, downloading and installing driver updates for NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards online. The program scans your system and identifies the hardware. If the card is in its database, GeForce Experience easily accesses NVIDIA's cloud storage and finds the latest version of drivers that can be installed. Then a user has an option to download and install the drivers for free.

The user can also initiate scans to search for updates on specific drivers. Not only general upgrades are available, but also special drivers for games are often available and are not automatically identified as required. GeForce Experience scans the system and finds a game if it is supported by NVIDIA, then checks if special drivers are available and offers to install them. This way, a user can easily optimize his graphics card for a game with demanding system requirements. The interface also allows access to adjustable screen and graphics options, as well as the ability to change settings you cannot adjust using a game's interface.

A plug-in called ShadowPlay is available with the client. It serves as a simple to use tool for recording your in-game video and even broadcast it almost immediately. it's not demanding and doesn't slow down the frame rate most of the time, but if your computer is not the most powerful one, you may experience some problems.

Another plug-in, NVIDIA SHEILD, grants you access to cloud storage which helps you synchronize your data between all the devices you own. This is, again, suited specifically for gamers.

All in all, GeForce Experience is a rather indisposable instrument for those who wish to keep up in the modern world of visual perfection, so I would recommend that you download it. That is, of course, if you use NVIDIA.

James Lynch
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  • Very useful for NVIDIA hardware users
  • Finds any drivers you might need
  • Updates the drivers quickly
  • Has automatic optimization option for games


  • Requires Internet connection
  • The client can work pretty slowly
  • Aimed at games
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